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1. Zucchinis

Our zucchinis have been growing like crazy this year. I've had so much fun getting creative and finding different ways to use them. I like slicing them lengthwise on a mandolin and adding lemon zest, toasted hazelnuts, olive oil, shaved parmesan, and salt and pepper for a refreshing salad.

Dara’s 5 Ways to Make the Most of August Produce

One of my favorite things about summer is how easily you can live off the land. Everything just tastes so much more flavorful this time of year. I love being able to walk outside in Little Compton and choose what to make for dinner based on what’s ripe in the garden. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Aug 17, 2015
BeFunky Collage

Links We Love – August 7, 2015

From recipes inspired by our favorite literary heroines to a tour of Frieda Kahlo’s Mexico City home, here are the links we love this week. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Aug 07, 2015
1. Always set your table ahead of time, keeping the décor simple with understated pops of color. My Les Indiennes napkins and Mud Australia bowls are always great for creating a casually elegant vibe.

Dara’s Tips for Summer Entertaining

Summer is my favorite season for entertaining. Whether I’m planning a laid-back outdoor tandoori barbecue or elegant dinner party, there’s something about the warm weather that makes everyone relax and have fun.  (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Jul 07, 2015

Food Policy Action + Tom Colicchio

Americans throw away more than $165 billion worth of food on an annual basis. Award-winning chef and new MSNBC food correspondent Tom Colicchio is determined to bring that number down.

Written by DARA Artisans.May 21, 2015

Dara’s Personal Guide to Morocco

Morocco is one of my favorite places to travel. I love wandering through Marrakech’s winding Medina and losing myself among the opulent displays of artisan wares. Moroccan craftsmanship is some of the finest in the world. I am pleased to showcase a collection of handmade Moroccan treasures at DARA with Frederic Alcantara’s colorful handwoven rugs and Jewels’ supple leather tote bags. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.May 11, 2015

“My Brooklyn”

Two of our Brooklyn-based artisans give us the lowdown on their favorite local hot spots.


Written by DARA Artisans.May 07, 2015

Keep The Home Fires Burning

There’s no better time of the year for cooking at home than mid-winter, when snowy forecasts (for some of us) and the season’s unique harvest bring with them a bounty of new flavors, fascinating challenges—and more reasons to explore a favorite cookbook than to head out, into the night. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Feb 02, 2015

Gourmet Everyday with Tom Colicchio

Chicken soup is a typical, relaxed, Sunday evening meal for me and my family.  I serve this soup the way my grandmother did, with Parmigiano and olive oil.  Every grandmother has a chicken soup recipe, so mine certainly isn’t the definitive recipe, but it’s still my favorite, and I enjoy sharing that with my kids today the same way my grandmother did with me. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Jan 21, 2015

April Bloomfield’s Seasonal Playlist

Just like food, music flourishes according to season. Lively steel-drum beats go down easiest under a July sun; languid jazz is best consumed fireside, with a heady aroma of coq au vin in the air. Fittingly, it was James Beard Award-winning chef April Bloomfield—best known for such New York dining institutions as The Spotted Pig and The Breslin—who reminded us of that relationship. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Dec 17, 2014

Profile : Tom Colicchio’s Inspiration

Craft is at the heart of chef and entrepreneur Tom Colicchio’s work, from his renowned flagship restaurant to his so-named restaurant group—which now counts two Craft restaurants, a Craftbar, Craftsteak, and the ‘wichcraft chain among its holdings.  (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Nov 11, 2014
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