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Several of the songs on jewelry designer Sarah Loertscher’s studio soundtrack are anchored by a core, pervasive rhythm; you’ll hear it in the slowly rising beat of Cut Copy’s Need You Now and the hypnotic synth trills of Austra’s Lose It. In a way, they reflect Loertscher’s own aesthetic: Inspired by the power line grids and silos of her home state of Indiana, her pieces are characterized by their geometric forms. “My musical obsessions revolve around beat-driven synth and pop,” she says. “It’s music that motivates me to get to work and keep going.”


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Sarah explains her drawings, “They are called metalpoints: drawing with metal (instead of a pen or pencil) over a rough surface. The metal (gold, silver, etc) rubs off onto the surface, leaving behind a trace of metal. When you draw on a white surface, the metal “streaks” black. When you draw on a black surface, the metal shows up as gold, silver, etc. The top drawing is a great example of both silver and 18k yellow gold drawn over black gesso. The black & white images are sterling silver over white gesso”.

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Written by DARA Artisans.Sep 04, 2014
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