Spotify Soundtrack: Lena Skadegard

Journeying to new places might inform the work of jewelry designer Lena Skadegard, but musically, she finds comfort in the familiar. photo LS

Her playlist, she says, is filled with “reassuring old friends,” such as Donovan’s Summer Day Reflection and Bob Dylan’s Meet Me in the Morning. “I find them anchoring and creatively supportive,” she says.

Nevertheless, Skadegard is receptive to new companions. While at work in India, for example, she enjoys listening to classical Indian or vintage Hindi film songs, like Ghulam Ali’s Chupke Chupke. So despite being “exasperatingly loyal,” she welcomes change—perhaps slowly, and perhaps with the gentle guidance of her husband, singer-songwriter Tristan Parkes. “He’s very tolerant, and kind enough to listen to these songs repeatedly, despite having thousands of artists he’d like to introduce me to,” she says. “So the playlist will evolve.”

Lena Skadegard’s Spotify Playlist



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Written by DARA Artisans.Sep 17, 2014
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