Spotify Soundtrack: Andria Crescioni

The intriguing combination of Bossa Nova, funk, folk, and rock on designer Andria Crescioni’s Spotify soundtrack results in a playlist that’s both meditative and uplifting. Take Fleetwood Mac’s “That’s Alright”: with its up-tempo rhythm and magnanimous sentiment (“I hope you find a love / Your own designs of love / That’s alright”), it’s not your traditional breakup ballad. The song is representative of the entirety of Crescioni’s mix: unexpected yet ultimately inspiring.

Joshua Tree California

Crescioni Jewelry Designer Joshua Tree California

Her work, too, contains these elements; she uses leather to create handmade jewelry that’s one part modern minimalist and one part indigenous ethnic—a compelling amalgamation. Fittingly, this playlist helps set the stage for her distinctive designs. “It’s exactly what I need to get into a creative, dreamy mood while working, helping me get into a rhythm to hand hammer and stitch each piece,” she says. “Give me a rawhide mallet, my morning coffee and this mix and I’m set.”

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Photographed in Joshua Tree by Gentl + Hyers

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Written by DARA Artisans.Nov 06, 2014
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