A DARA Sourcing Trip in Peru

If you’re passionate about discovering beautifully handmade things imbued with centuries of tradition and technique, Peru is veritable fantasy world. Dan and I visited Cusco and the Sacred Valley for a sourcing trip and met with several artisans during our stay. We discovered two new artisan enterprises, Kuna and Sol Alpaca, both of which create contemporary clothing composed of fine Peruvian fibers like alpaca and vicuña. Check out some of my favorite photos and moments from the trip below:

  • We stayed at the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas, which I can't recommend more highly. The accommodations and staff were absolutely wonderful.
  • Dan and I began exploring the area as soon as we arrived, visiting with local artisans and learning more about Peru's culture of craftsmanship. I loved watching a Cusco weaver in the process of creating a new textile.
  • A closeup reveals the complex intricacy and technical knowledge involved in Peruvian hand-weaving.
  • Dan has the chance to observe the amazing hand-dying process at the Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, an enterprise founded by Nilda Callanaupa.
  • Artisanship is intertwined with everyday life in Peruvian culture, whether as a pastime or means of sustainable income. Weavers practiced their skills on traditional backstrap looms, which are completely portable.
  • We were constantly in awe of the stunning surroundings in Machu Picchu. I would suggest visiting Peru during colder seasons, so you can easily enjoy the sights in their natural element without bumping into too many other tourists.
Written by DARA Artisans.Nov 11, 2015
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