Feeling Blue: Indigo Accents and Accessories

The history of indigo dye is arguably as rich as the pigment itself. Once a highly coveted luxury commodity, indigo was known as “blue gold” amongst ancient civilizations. With winter finally melting into spring, the color is having a distinctly modern moment. We can’t get enough of its celestial drama, reinterpreted to reflect and embody the evolving zeitgeist of contemporary style. For your shopping inspiration, we’ve created an edit of our favorite indigo products at DARA.

Indigo Inspiration

  • Malian artisan Aboubakar Fofana is the modern-day godfather of indigo dyeing. After studying traditional indigo production techniques for over three decades and on three continents, Fofana learned to replicate the ancient indigo cultivation practices. His stunning textiles in varying shades of blue create a pop of dramatic color in any interior setting.

    Aboubakar Fofana Indigo,

    Handmade by Aboubakar Fofana.

  • This gauzy cashmere scarf is created under the guidance of a master Nepalese dyer working with all-natural, indigenous dyestuffs. The soft shade of indigo is a perfect complement to any wardrobe.

    Color Blocked Sheer Indigo Scarf , $245

    Handmade by From The Road.

  • Beaded with lapis lazuli stones, these intricate pieces perfectly capture the alluring intensity of indigo’s rich color spectrum. Each is a beautiful testament to the power of indigo’s eye-catching sophistication, with even the most delicate designs embodying an acute sense of pigmented drama.

    Knotted Strand Lapis Bracelet , $85

    Handmade by Lena Skadegard.

  • This pale indigo scarf by Slow Color was handmade in India using natural dye. With its ultra-lightweight linen weave and elegant color, it seamlessly incorporates the indigo trend into an everyday wardrobe staple.

    Dark Blue Heathered Scarf , $75

    Handmade by Slow Color.

  • Handcrafted by Rustam Usmanov and his apprentices in Uzbekistan, these stunning Rishtan clay plates are painted with ishkor glaze to give them their signature indigo color. With intricate detailing inspired by the Fergana Valley, each piece is a one-of-a-kind decorative accent for the home.

    Petal Decorative Platter , $450

    Handmade by Rustam Usmanov.

  • Designer Rene Holguin used vintage indigo fabric to create this one-of-a-kind, leather-trimmed tote. The subtly striped, deep blue color and durable construction make it a stylish travel carryall.

    Vintage Leather Flat Tote , $145

    Handmade by RTH.

  • Distinguished with perfectly imperfect variations that reveal the artist’s touch, dbO HOME’s stunning ceramic designs lend a sense of handmade sophistication to indigo trendspotting. Husband and wife creative partners Dana Brandwein Oates and Daniel Oates use vintage Indian wood blocks to stamp each piece with an individual pattern.

    Kashmir Collection Tipped Bowl , $46

    Handmade by dbO Home.

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Written by DARA Artisans.Mar 19, 2015
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