Fashion Revolution Day

More than 1000 garment factory workers died when a Bangladeshi commercial building collapsed on April 24th, 2013. As the anniversary of this tragic incident approaches, DARA Artisans is joining Fashion Revolution’s coalition of designers, academics, writers, business leaders, and legislators to draw attention to the fashion supply chain. DARA strives to embody a voice of positive transparency within the fashion industry by celebrating the relationship between artisans and consumers. We believe in telling the story behind how beautiful things are made. Our unique platform values people, environment, creativity, and profit in equal measure. Let us introduce you to some of the communities and individuals who make DARA possible.

  • Lemlem

    Supermodel Liya Kebede founded Lemlem in 2009 to showcase the handicraft of women in her native country of Ethiopia. Lemlem employs Ethiopia’s best traditional weavers to produce work of exceptional quality, sophistication, and contemporary appeal. By empowering and partnering with local artisans in vulnerable communities, Lemlem strives to break their cycle of poverty.

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  • Matta

    Matta founder Christina Gitti works with textile artisans in India to translate ancient block printing, hand dyeing, and silk screening techniques into modern pieces with a handmade touch. Gitti believes in telling the story behind each textile, emphasizing the intimately tactile relationship between cloth and skin.

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  • Mulberries

    Mulberries is an organic silk farm cooperative in Laos that consists of 3,000 farmers, weavers, and artisans from over 200 village families. Mulberries provides sustainable income for Lao people in a socially and environmentally conscious manner, preserving traditional artisan crafts and training villagers to hone their skills for the modern marketplace.

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  • Tejido

    Tejido collaborates with small artisan communities in North and South America to create handmade textiles. Working primarily out of Peru, founder Shanti Rackley endeavors to protect the native traditions of master artisans, knitting groups, and women’s fair trade cooperatives.

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  • Meyelo

    Meyelo invests in women to produce social and economic change in Kenya. All Meyelo products are individually handcrafted by Maasai women in Nairobi. The company is a for-profit, sister enterprise to founder Carmen Myers’ non-profit organization, A Voice is Heard, which provides education, healthcare, and safe drinking water to Kenyan communities.

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Written by DARA Artisans.Apr 23, 2015
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DARA Artisans promotes cultural curiosity and a sense of discovery by offering a sophisticated edit of handmade artisan crafts to an audience seeking authentic, responsibly sourced designs with a modern aesthetic.