Artisan Spotlight: LemLem

DARA is proud to showcase the work of the artisanal workers of Ethiopia with LemLem. LemLem’s founder, model Liya Kebede, has long been active in promoting the work of her native country’s women; she once served as the World Health Organization‘s Goodwill Ambassador for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Mar 09, 2015
saladini feat square 355

Saladini Knives

When Italian statesman Lorenzo de’ Medici hosted banquets in his Florentine palace 700 years ago, he and his guests reputedly carved their meat with knives from Scarperia, a small town in Tuscany. A sponsor of Michelangelo and Botticelli, Lorenzo was known for his infatuation with extraordinary feats of artisanship—and the beautiful hand-carved blades from Scarperia were no exception. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Mar 05, 2015
materia lumina

Artisan Spotlight: Materia Lumina

As deeply soulful as it is aesthetically refined, designer Eefje Theeuws’s work for her collection, Materia Lumina, is deceptively simple.  (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Feb 25, 2015

Exhibition : Acoma Pottery

Acoma pots represent the apogee of traditional craft—the ideal marriage of function and form, perfected over generations of tutelage and practice. We are delighted to share this impeccable collection of Acoma pottery, produced by some of the art form’s most revered masters.  (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Feb 12, 2015

Tastemaker: Kim Yeshi

A few moments with Norlha’s founder Kim Yeshi, on her travel must-haves, favorite hotels, and dream destinations.

Written by DARA Artisans.Feb 09, 2015

Jono Pandolfi

For ceramics designer Jono Pandolfi, the clay tells the story. “The inspiration behind so many of my designs is in the ceramic process,” he says. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Jan 15, 2015

RTH : The Global Truth

René Holguin of RTH embraces both the Southwest of his childhood and design’s ‘global truths’ (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Jan 07, 2015
“A favorite shot from fall '14.”

Instagram Year in Review : Andria Crescioni

Andria Crescioni’s jewelry may evoke a Western aesthetic, but her work avoids a literal take on traditional accessories. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Jan 01, 2015

Norlha : Material Investment

An innovative designer finds a wealth of opportunities on the Tibetan Plateau. (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Dec 30, 2014

Meyelo : In the Know

With Meyelo, Carmen Myers empowers Kenya’s artisans—despite not having all the answers (more…)

Written by DARA Artisans.Dec 22, 2014
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