Artisan Spotlight: Materia Lumina

As deeply soulful as it is aesthetically refined, designer Eefje Theeuws’s work for her collection, Materia Lumina, is deceptively simple. 


Theeuws was born in northern Belgium but now makes her home in the spiritually resonant landscape of California’s Death Valley. That location is no accident: In addition to “designer” and “artist,” Theeuws also describes herself as a “shamanic healer” and sees her academic training as having focused on both architecture and energy medicine.

Mat products2

Mat productsThe best example of this mixture is her exquisite Ojo de Dios—”God’s Eyes.” These are inspired by ancient designs, crafted by the native peoples of Bolivia and Mexico; they were believed to imbue those who possessed them with divine protection and to remind us all of their god’s all-seeing powers. In Materia Lumina’s revision, they have been worked in porcelain and stoneware, and adorned with leather cords: a thoroughly modern update of an ancient and revered tradition.


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Written by DARA Artisans.Feb 25, 2015
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