Tastemaker: Ken Fish, Founder of Absolute Travel

We’re partnering with our favorite trendsetters, globetrotters, style icons from around the world to bring you the DARA Artisans Tastemaker Series. This new feature will highlight everything from insider travel tips and restaurant recommendations to coveted style forecasts and favorite discoveries.

Today we meet Ken Fish, President and Founder of Absolute Travel.

As curators of beautiful things from around the world, we couldn’t think of a better tastemaker than Ken, a man whose life is dedicated to bringing people to the source. Ever since Ken walked out on his Wall Street career to embark on an epic Australian adventure, he has pioneered the idea of luxury travel with a purpose. Ken and the Absolute team provide the opportunity to travel differently–whether it’s riding vintage motorcycles through Shanghai’s old quarter or hiking to remote weavers in the Atlas Mountains. A kindred spirit with DARA’s mission, Ken fills his life with treasures from his global adventures: Esfahani carpets from Iran color the Absolute Travel FiDi loft, Vietnamese paintings hang in his home, and you will never see him without his signature Indonesian rings. To find out more about how Absolute Travel helps elevate the art of travel and fuses it with global awareness and social responsibility, check out their blog post on “Places to Go Now to Protect an Artisan Tradition.”

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Written by DARA Artisans.Dec 17, 2015
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